All new – Marketing Package

Have you ever set a day and time to have your horse photographed and it turns out to be raining, or something comes up and you can’t make the appointment? Do you have multiple horses you are wishing to advertise and can’t get them all ‘photo’ ready for one session on one day? Are you comfortable setting up a Facebook Business page for your barn/breeding facility? How about keeping a website up to date? It can become overwhelming. Let me help you!

Twice a Diamond Joe

Twice a Diamond Joe was put to rest on 17th September 2019. I purchased him as a 4yr old, unbroke gelding.  We did so much together, achieved so many milestones and clung to each other during the rough times.

He will always be remembered for his kind soul, his trust, his willingness to do, or attempt to do anything that was asked of him. There is no denying he will have a special place in my heart. Rest in Peace Joe, my diamond in the rough. 22 April 2007 – 17 September 2019.