When it Began

My love for horses came naturally. No one in the family was involved with them, yet I started collecting pictures of horses from every magazine I could find. In 1978, I started a scrapbook, then 2 and more!

As a young teen, walking 2 miles to the barn, crossing railway lines, navigating steep, rocky pathways was never an issue. I'd beg to do chores just to earn a few minutes in the saddle.

After riding Sherry, the barn sour pony and getting her to leave the barn, somewhat happily, I was able to ride bigger, 'hotter' horses.

Count how many times you fall off, they said. I did. Then was told to stop at 21. I did. What a journey this has been, both heartbreaking and inspiring. People along this journey have been supportive and encouraging, with the occassional "what the heck are you doing!".

Meet the Team

They say it always takes more than one person to run a business! It's always the wife, husband, partner etc. that is supportive and behind the success of another, but in my world it's my love for horses and my family that keep me inspired and focused.


Twice a Diamond Joe


Twice a Diamond Joe has been my personal mount since 2009, when I found him in Illinois. Back then he was a 4 year old unbroke Breeding Stock Paint, and now he rules! I couldn't have found a more gentle horse to see me through my 'senior' years.




Taking a Picture of nature and transforming it into a piece of art involves many hours of painstaking work. When you eventually like what you've created, you look back and see that there was nothing wrong with the original to begin with!



Belinda Jones


Being behind the camera, I don't concentrate on taking pictures of myself. So instead, here is a picture of where my source of inspiration was passed down through the generations in our family. Presenting from left to right, My Uncle - Peter, My Mom - Cynthia and My Uncle - Geoff. Both my Uncles being Professional Wildlife Photographers.

Recall your Memories ...

Just about everyone loves to have pictures of their children, starting with the "newborn" pictures, 1st Birthday, 2nd Birthday, through graduation and beyond. Why not start this journey with your horse?